“I took pictures of them playing. They love it! They were taking their time sniffing it haha. It was kinda funny.  Thanks so much. I will contact you when I want another one!”


S. A.

Stayner, ON


“I just wanted to let you know that Misty LOVES!!! the scratch post you made…she has used every level several times, has played with the attached toys and is very content and happy with it…so are we! We can’t thank you enough for making it so quick, what a great job you did! We really do appreciate it as we all love our animals.”

Theme Park


Barrie, ON


“These are my beautiful babies…Sunshine is in the middle, she’s Moonlights momma, who’s on the top…and Eclipse is the newest member of the furry children, he’s the black one on the bottom. It s awesome!!!! They love it!!!”

Super Gym

S. B.

Waubaushene, ON


“I LOVE it!  and apparently Jake and Elwood do too!

I am going to be putting this on my Facebook page saying where we got it, AND, I am going to refer you to anyone who asks 100% !!

Awesome.  Thanks so much for bringing it here too.”

Custom Unit

H. B.

Mansfield, ON


“Thanks good people. We just picked up the Wishing Well cat gym that you donated to the Dock/Kicx R4R Auction. Our four indoor cats are always looking for their “own” furniture, and totally love this piece! It’s heartwarming to find a well-made (needs to be nice and sturdy for our bruisers!) piece of furniture, made locally and with regard for the environment. We will recommend you to all our cat friends!”

Radio Charity Drive


Tiny Township, ON

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